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Flawless on your Wedding Day

Salon Allure offers personalized bridal packages for all wedding sizes.  Providing Hair, Make-up, Nail & Skin services for your special day.   

Since 2007 we have performed over 300 bridal events ranging from small to very large bridal parties.  Our services cover all of your needs from head to toe.  

In addition, your day at the Salon includes complimentary beverages and finger foods. 

Salon Allure will travel to your venue!  We have a dedicated team of Bridal specialists.  Please specify when requesting a quote.

 Please contact our bridal department for more information and availability.

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Bridal Party Guest                                  $75.00 & up
Bride                                                         $95.00 & up
Blowdry                                                    $35.00 & up
*Consultation recommended.
Sunday Wedding Services available.

Make Up Application

Featuring Sorme cosmetics
Bride application $75.00 
Brides Maid          $55.00          
Airbrush application upon consultation 
Eye Lash Application (includes lashes)   $25.00

Wedding Portrait
Bridal Services: Services
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